Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pioneering use of social media?

What do you think of single purpose videos? I've made one to ask for votes in a social networking contest (where Twittering for votes is allowed). Does this do a good job? Does it make you want to support me with your vote? did it for me, and it cost me $40

You've seen the title, cover, and blurb. That's all you're asked to vote on.

Thank you for voting here:

Post script.
While I was uploading on YouTube, I came across a fascinating video with a catchy rap.

Report piracy and you might win $1,000,000 (but only if it is movie, game, or music!)




    While I was drafting my post for this coming Tuesday (Sept 15th) this post on use of social media popped up.

    Honestly, I did not get the topic from this post.

    Once again we are on the same page.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  2. Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much. I wonder which of us is the psychic... or should I say, the better psychic?

    Other topics I considered were Tyranny, Absolute Power, Time, and Injustice.

    Unfortunately for my planned Opinion Post, YouTube removed an incitement to kill all copyright owners who complain if their work is pirated, so I was left hookless.

  3. Oh. They marked my gentle protest as Spam!

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    Good grief, znarfblatt. You want to not only steal from authors and artists, but kill them if they complain?

    Isn't that a little bit harsh? While musicians might earn money from concert tours, authors are not paid for book signing tours. Their only income comes from a fraction (known as royalties) of the sales of their books.