Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Crabwise approach to marketing sfr

I was intending to talk about membership of SFWA and with particular reference to the Nebula and Norton awards.

However, the rules have just changed with effect for books released in 2009.

This passage in the new rules caught my attention: "The SFWA Board of Directors, at their discretion, may create additional awards in special categories, to be voted on by the Active members in good standing. These additional awards will not be Nebula Awards."

Wouldn't it be superb if the Active members in good standing decided that it was time for SFWA to create a category for sfr?

My default topic is how some authors are sidling up to a potential target audience without mentioning their books. Some authors report great success. I don't vouch for it.

On Facebook, you can play any of the games created by zynga. If I were to start PiratesRule again, I think I'd take the name of one of my characters. Instead of playing as "Bloody Nora!" which is an old English expletive and in the spirit of the game, I'd play as "god-Emperor Djohn-Kronos", for instance.

I still could do this if it seemed worth the time and effort to start another game. My fashionista Princess Martia-Djulia would be a natural player for "Fashion Wars" I assume.

On Facebook, you can set up "product" pages for your books, and "celebrity" pages for yourselves, and for about $15 a day, you can advertise your pages with an image and a factual statement such as: "Do you know about (your tba name) ?"

The above crafty comments would apply to any genre.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

I'm thrilled to learn that Insufficient Material is a finalist in the Anne Bonney "Most Humorous" category.

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