Monday, December 03, 2007

More Reader Round Robin Fun: Best Character in a Sinclair Novel

I queried the almost five hundred fans on my reader group as to which of my characters was their favorite. Answers were all across the board, and fun! Here's a peek at a sampling. Who's YOUR favorite?

Sully, Sully, Sully. He transcended his own history, even his own humanity, to become a "new man". He has savior written all over him. I admire Mack's open-mindedness and willingness to think outside the box, to consider more than what his eyes tell him. Rhis is hero material but doesn't quite make the shift from a great guy to 'I want him!'. Kel-Paten pretty much left me cold. – Marydot

Oh my God, I'm half in love with Kel-Paten! He's the reason I began reading your books and recommending them to my friends. He's my perfect romance story hero. He's super intelligent, vulnerable but striving to keep it secret, loyal to his lady love, sweet and tentative about love and yet intensely passionate underneath it all, and just so handsome in an austere way. He's Mr Darcy for the Sci Fi Romantic. – Brekke

Mack. Or maybe Kel-Paten. Hmm. I would have to think about that. Can I be honest? I really like the books and the heroes are good, but I actually like them more because I like the female characters and identify with them. – Birgit

Kel-Paten but only just, because he is so vulnerable despite his strength. – Lynne Connolly

Trilby: intense, independent, needing tenderness and soft/hot to touch. – Gerard

Sully. He's unique and different and the ultimate hero. Yes, he's got issues, but he works with them and not against them. Mack would be my second choice. He's willing to do what is necessary - even if it's a bit
unconventional - to get the job done. – Vicky B

Ooooo, that's a hard one! Do I HAVE to pick one, Linnea? See, I love Rhis and Sully and Kel Paten, so it's tantamount to treason of the heart to have to pick one of these luscious men. But, if I absolutely had to pick which one I'd want to be stranded on a spaceship with, it would be Gabriel Sullivan, Sully of the wicked smile and dark good looks (and I am more of a fan of redheads in real life!). Gabriel Sullivan was just so smart, charismatic and hot that I felt that Chaz should have hauled him off to the sack long before she did and just had her way with him...I know *I* certainly would have, in my younger days. I have a thing for smart, charismatic men of great talent, such as Steve Jobs, Sting, Alan Rickman, etc...brains and wit do it for me. Add an English or Scottish accent and I have no resistance at all to falling at said males feet in a swoon of lust! LOL. – DeAnn R

Sully all the way. He's got the most life experiences and has his own agenda rather than being part of a military organization. He's comes off as being the most unique of your heroes. – Misty R

Sully. Any man who says: "all that I am is yours" knows the true meaning of love. –Velvet

Kel-Paten. Why? Just imagine what a bio-cybe could accomplish between the sheets! Plus, he's a little lost boy inside with a world of love to give, and for so long his real personality is hidden, invisible. Doesn't get any more tortured than that. – Heather

Oh gosh, I have to pick only ONE? Has to be Kel-Paten. Super smart, powerful, tall dark and handsome, mysterious, incredibly sexy, vulnerable heart.- Donna M

Kel-Paten. Because I'm a sucker for the strong, silent types with a hidden weakness. Because he's a survivor in a world where ANYBODY could kill him by reporting him to Psy-Serv. Sorta like Superman, only
better. –Mary K

Kel-Paten - he's so different - and he's become human even though he's not supposed to. Then he's managed to keep both his humanity and love secret. And he's sooooo sweet because he doesn't know what to do! He's feeling his way into love and all the other feelings humanity brings while he tries so hard to keep the persona that was forced on him. – Kathleen

Lady Sass primarily because she has that quirky sense of humor even when being in the command mode :) – Mikey

Rhis, Sully, Mack or Kel-Paten, and WHY? Gosh, hard to pick as I liked them all while I was engrossed in the story but in the end I'll pick the most basic-model human, Mack. –Jen

Being an Equal Opportunity Employer, I think I would want them all. Think of the orgy that would be. Although I would still probably be the guy holding the blender while everybody else was involved in "reindeer games". SIGHS DRAMATICALLY... –Skipper skippy



  1. Branden Kel-Paten. I still think of hot cocoa with marshmellows in it whenever I think of Games of Command.

    And Jorie for her toughness coupled with vulnerablity.

    The thing is these two could not be a couple together, even though they're my favorite male and female characters. They're unimaginable without their respective mates.

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM EST

    Rhis is my favorite! Finders Keepers was my first book of yours and the book is so tattered from being read so many times. What a hunk with that Zafharin accent. He stole my heart! Lucky Trilby