Saturday, November 24, 2007

Star Trek

Its official, there will be a new Star Trek movie. And I'm not talking a coninutation of the original or one of the many spin-offs. The original Star Trek is being remade. The story is supposed to be Spock heavy and be about the origins of all the characters. It's interesting to see the new cast next to the old cast although I'm not familiar with Chris Pine who will play Kirk, I'm wondering if he can use the cheesiness that William Shatner has to the same effect.

Word is that Leonard Nimoy will make an appearance but no William Shatner which IMHO is a great snub. I'm looking forward to Zachary Qunito as Spock and Karl Urban playing against type as Bones.

The release date is Dec 08 which will be here before we know it.


  1. Considering the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise and the less-than-stellar ratings of Star Trek Nemesis added to the huge, collosel, gynormous task of doing justice in recreating the super-beloved, iconic characters of the original series, I have no hope this Star Trek movie will succeed.

    Being a devoted Trekkie, I certainly *want* the new movie to succeed.

    Being a storyteller, I've wondered why Enterprise and Nemesis failed to meet with the previous success of Star Trek endeavors. My conclusion is they became less of what Star Trek fundementally is and incurred the disinterest and/or disapproval of a significant portion of the fan base while failing to snag enough new fans to compensate.

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM EST

    I'm keeping an open mind because I want to see what the cool special effects will be like. :-) That said, I hope it's very different since I think the original Bones/Spock/Kirk had some special chemistry--no, not *that* kind of chemistry--and their snarky caring relationship can't be totally recaptured.

    For me, it'll be like the old/new Battlestar Galactica. They feel like two totally different creatures and I try to think of them that way instead of as a remake of the original that I liked so well.

    About Enterprise, well, I never connected with most of the characters. Scott Bakula was much better, in my opinion, as Sam Beckett. It's not just him, though.