Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Anyone going to Dragoncon? I'll be in Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend and am supposed to be on several panels. Please come by and say hello. If you live in the Atlanta area or can fly in at a reasonable cost, this is the conference for Science Fiction and fantasy fans. About 40,000 strong, the con attracts gamers, celebrities from the SF world, movie stars, producers, directors, writers and anyone who wants to have fun. Costumes are appropriate. So is painted nudity. :) And there's a cool parade. A belly dancing drum circle goes to early in the morning. Films play all night. I'll try to bring back lots of pictures and put them up here.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM EDT

    I'll be there. Went in '04 and '05. Skipped '06 to go to WorldCon that year, but I'm headed back this year.

  2. I look forward to hearing all about Dragoncon, but I would never attend. Much too big! Our youngest son took me to Otakon (25,000) this year, and it was fun, but a con that size is too exhausting for me. I like the cozy little ones best (a few hundred people).

  3. David,
    Come look me up. I'll be on at least one panel. We find out which ones after we arrive. :) And Margaret, I do understand, this con is huge. However the romance people have a section to ourselves which is cozy.