Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The World Is Changing - Again


I heard an item on the TV news this morning that Microsoft is creating a website like youtube where people can download and use videogame creating tools and then post their game for others to play.

Microsoft will be uniting the X-box and Windows platforms so that games will play on either, as I understand it. Currently game developers must compile their game for each platform.

What has this to do with alien romance?

Aha! How many Romance oriented games have you played recently?

There was an item in the news a few weeks ago that game developing companies believed they had reached saturation of the game market for boys and young men. They also noted that many women played videogames. And people running the game development companies are now actively targeting women players.

oho! A videogame, by definition (on the CNBC special on the history of videogaming) is the active fulfillment of a dream or fantasy -- people play videogames to be the HERO, to WIN, to experience what they can only aspire to in real life.

So, videogames are stories (something else emphasized on the CNBC special on videogame history). When a story was added, gaming became big business. The same happened with Dungeons and Dragons -- inventing your own story, making it real, living it, becoming part of it, trying on different personalities -- that's what we want!

Now if only I could give you the URL of this website where we can create Alien Romance Videogames.

Oh, the TV interview news item was with a Microsoft official and he said they are looking to have many people post games developed with their free tools. Then the most popular games will be chosen and published -- and he said that could make a game writer into a millionnaire.

Imagine an Alien Romance videogame making an AR writer into a millionnaire! I do think the market is big enough to do that.

Jacqueline Lichtengerg


  1. Anonymous9:14 PM EST

    I'm holding out for my own holographic recreational center. It's much more fun for me to create my own stories than to play a part in someone else's story.

    My husband's into games though. He's the nicest, best guy in the galaxy in real life, but he always plays the villain in his video games. Guess he just needs to vent the Dark Side of the Force after being the hero in real life. ;)

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM EST

    My college-aged daughter plays with the Sims computer game. It all started with the SimCity many years ago and has evolved into creating communities and designing people and houses. The part she loves the best are her "people" who interact. They can fall in love or openly dislike each other. They can even have sex and fireworks go off in the background. She designs her characters to look like her friends or anime characters. They spend hours playing and are thrilled when two of them fall in love.
    ~ Vicky Woodard

  3. Jacquie,

    I think this is a great idea, but I suppose that one would have to write a new story. Unfortunately!

    One reviewer recently suggested that my Mating Net would make a great video game.

    When you find the url, please do post it!

    Best wishes,