Friday, November 24, 2006

No Princess Need Apply Excerpt -- Sort of...

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Happy post Thanksgiving, Black Friday, whatever. It's Friday, my day to post. I've been putting up chapters from my futuristic romance, No Princess Need Apply -- and have gotten to the first naughty bit in the story. After thinking about it I've decided not to post this chapter online. It's not that naughty, but it's still more than I want to be responsible for putting on the net.

However, if you're interested in reading this excerpt, send me an email at and I'd be happy to return an rtf file of the chapter to you.

On a future writing note, I've been on a Pride and Prejudice kick lately. Been listening to an audiobook version of the novel, been watching both the new movie and the Colin Firth television version. I'm just very into a Jane Austen mood.

It has occurred to me that I want to write a futuristic romance version of Pride and Prejudice. I don't know how I'm going to plot out the worldbuilding yet, but I've got the concept. I think it'll be fun. Just wondering if readers will be interested. Opinions welcome.



  1. You should check out the movei "Bride and Prejudice" which is kind of a Westernized Bollywood version set in middle-class India. It's in English and it was directed by the same English director who did "Bend it Like Beckham." It's a really great fun movie.

  2. And, The Diary of Bridget Jones is a modern retelling, in a loose sort of way.

    Best wishes,
    Rowena Cherry

  3. You're to the naughty already? Hmpf! I prefer to make my readers suffer much longer. ;)

  4. Jo Walton has a Regency/Victorian (not sure which it's closer to) novel of manners set in a society of dragons rather than human beings. Fascinating biology, sociology, and world-building. The title has gone right out of my head. (TOOTH AND CLAW? Something like that.) One neat feature is that when a dragon maiden blushes for the first time, the color change is permanent -- so if this reaction happens in an inappropriate context, she is VISIBLY "ruined" even if the incident wasn't her fault.